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Hello, I'm Stacy Braiuca.

tl;dr Divergent | Tenacious Survivor |GeekGirl | 3/5 Generator #HumanDesign | CORE R23.O19.E18.C17, what’s yours? | Clinical #SocialWorker | #PublicHealth Educator | Host of #TenaciousLife | Come to weekly coffee at

25+ year #AmericanIndian #socialworker & #publichealth educator MSW, MPH, LCSW who loves all things #technology since her first computer in the late 70s, a #Commodore64


Hi, I’m Paula. I am a 15+ year online entrepreneur. My experience includes a transcription company that grew to six figures in 16 months, a travel agency, a Virtual Assistant business, and an Online Business Manager. I am a Mentor and Strategist to Virtual Assistants and Entrepreneurs.

My years of varied experience have taught me two things: Entrepreneurs need to get out of the day-to-day running of their business, but often find partnering with good help is a challenge; and Virtual Assistants are out there looking for work and need support and mentoring by someone who has “been there, done that” and can teach them how to fill their schedule and their pocketbooks. Entrepreneurs and Virtual Assistants are the perfect match when they know the ropes and I work with both to build great relationships.

I work with both groups - Entrepreneurs and Virtual Assistants to bridge the gap. These good relationships are changing the world of business.


Hello, I'm Jen Daniel, a business solutions strategist and technology expert. I love helping businesses succeed to their full potential.

I am an expert in affiliate management and project management, and both play vital roles in a successful business.

Ω Business adviser- Helping businesses find the solution they need. Customer service is one of the main areas which can set your business apart from others. With continued efforts, your business can transform keeping you on the leading edge.

Ω Affiliate Manager- Helping businesses scale their income. Affiliates can allow businesses to generate additional income from their websites, subscriber lists, search engine marketing programs, and other marketing assets and activities.

Ω My specialties include (but are not at all limited to): Strategic Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Virtual assistant, Project Management, Kartra, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Business Management, Digital Marketing, Business Coaching Support, Small Business Support, Webinars, and more.

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